A must do when in Rio is to visit the Rochina Favela, which is the second largest of its kind in Latin America.Please don't be a hero and visit this destination on your own.There are plenty of reputable companies who will take you for around £30 per person, but will pick you up from your hotel and drop you back , and all their guides are from the Favela's so they know which are the right alleys to go down. If you are adamant to go on your own , according to the locals single woman and couples are safe , but single men or groups of men are a threat , and certain individuals might think you are a policeman .If you do go on your own and you are a single man, be prepared to lift your top up to show you have no wire, but really this is not something recommended.Also be aware of private tour guides who might offer you trips to meet individuals with guns, this might sound cool to some of you but please think of the full consequences.

The Rochina Favela is home to over 180,000 people ,which is the largest in Brazil. All the buildings are made from concrete blocks and some go up to four storeys high.

As you can see from the pictures they are very cramped and built on top of each other .Compared to other slums this community has the benefit of electricity water and sanatasation.

Walking through the Favelas is something you have never experienced before , and it will make you grateful for what you have at home , and you will never complain that there is nothing on the TV at home.

Just be prepared for the initial hike , as the incline to the entrance with the heat humidity can test you.

The Favelas is a very safe enviroment day especially with your designated guide . You will the people very friendly and welcoming as the Brazilians are positive and good spirited people.

I mentioned earlier that the utilities are good here but obviously as its run by the drug dealers there is no council tax but there also can be days without hot water and electricity.

The Brazilians who live in the Favelas are very happy , and appreciate the basics of life of happiness family , the sun, the sea and food on the table.

if you ever have the chance to visit this place you will find the people friendly and passionate, especially the guides who are generally from the Favella's. The only time to not to visit would be after dark or in heavy rain as the floods can be catastrophic.

Electricity is great in the Favelas but occasionaly its gets turned off, although it looks dis jointed and a bit messy , and probably does not pass EU or UK health and safety , the wires a quite a big feature of this urbanisation.

Putting to prosepective in black and white

Photos are encouraged and welcomed in the Favelas , however your guide will take you down alleys where photos are not permitted for obvious reasons.

If you come to Rio you must visit the Favelas and enjoy this most unique urbanisation.

This might not be your usual Uber DRiver .!!!!