Back in the Dam 20 years later!

Amsterdam: home to a million bicycles, cannabis coffee shops, the red-light district, the third busiest airport in Europe (Schiphol), an incredible amount of art, and the very cool and often quirky Dutch.

This was the first stop of my 2020 European Tour.

With its canals, architecture, parks, and coffee shops, this beautiful city is so full of character - a great place to start off when travelling around Europe, or, with flights there only taking 45 minutes, even just for a quick city break from the UK. 

It’s a compact city easy to navigate by foot (or if you’re keen, go like the locals and cycle!), so I was able to explore most of it in my short stint here. I decided to even go a bit further afield to the outskirts to experience a bit more of the local traditions.

As we all now know, in these Covid times come many restrictions, so indoor venues like the incredible museums and art galleries Amsterdam has to choose from were off the list. But as the photos show, it wasn’t the weather for sitting indoors.