I decided to go in search of my Grandmothers history, so my dad and I jetted off to the beautiful island of Lemnos in pursuit of some family history and some Greek tradition.

Lemnos is situated in the North Aegean Sea, close to the island of Thasos. In Greek Mythology, it was home to Hephaestus, God of Fire and Volcanoes, rumoured to be thrown there by Zeus himself off of Mount Olympus.

As an island itself, it is probably one of the best to visit in Greece. It hasn't been spoilt by tourism and is just a little bit too far for the Athenians to raid.

All that one can imagine on a Greek island can be found in Lemnos; from a quaint fishing port, to cobbled streets, to great family-centric restaurants. 

The search for my Gran's history took us driving through rural countryside. The roads seem to be unfinished, which adds to the experience of this wonderful island. There are churches scattered all around and you really get a feel for a simpler life. 

We visited the remarkable Panagia Kakaviotissa, a roofless chapel inside a cave. It is situated on Kakavos mountain, and was a place that monks took refuge a very long time ago. 

Myrina is where the action is, with an abundance of restaurants, bars and shops. Make sure to try the squid - a local specialty. 

My advice for any visit here is that a car or scooter is essential if you really want to explore the hidden treasures of this extraordinary place.