During my stay in Krabi, I travelled with a local to Tiger Cave Temple to tick the nature and history boxes for the trip.

Access to the temple requires an incredible climb of 1260 practically-vertical steps. It is not for the faint of heart, or glutes. I felt like Jack climbing the beanstalk. 

Reaching the top brings a huge sense of achievement – definitely not advised on a hangover! The view is absolutely amazing, as is the gigantic Buddha that magnificently sits there.

The walk back down is no picnic either. I was salivating for a beer whilst fending off the gremlin-like macaques. These monkeys may be cute and furry, but not to be shown a sign of food, let alone fed. The local I was with told me that the creatures have been known to even nick an iPhone...

Despite the obstacles, I managed the descent and live to tell the tale!

The next stop on tour was the Emerald Pool, a mineral pond set back in a lush forest. The water in the pool is clear spring water that appears blue or green depending on the time of day. It was such a unique experience and surreal being in the middle of nowhere.

My top tip: Look out for those slippery creatures!

Thinking of going? Group day trips are available. Or you can hop in a taxi or car. (The latter is my preferred way to travel due to an irrational fear of tourist coaches!)