I was having a quiet night in Medellín, staying close to my hotel, when that famous thought came into mind: might as well have one for the road.

I stumbled across this bar, and as I walked into the entrance I needed sunglasses to cope with the vibrancy of the colours. All of which reminded me of the colours of the Colombian flag.

Inside was like a circus or cabaret club, which was full of locals. In fact, I must have been the only foreigner in there. Inside was a mixed bag of people, from groups of girls to couples to entire families.

Everyone had a table for a base to order food, or drinks, or both. Or just let the night roll!

And then the party started. It was such an entertaining atmosphere. This is is the safest bar / nightclub and its the middle of Colombia.

Even a trip to the toilet was an experience in and of itself - I'd never seen such flamboyant facilities.