Cycling in Tallinn was a real highlight of my time there. There are fantastic cycle paths that offer a great experience around the city and surrounds.

The bike path takes you out of the city centre and into nature - I quickly found myself in the beautiful Pirita Forest that leads straight to the coast. 

I discovered this very special memorial to Estonia's Victims of Communism. Over 75,000 Estonians were murdered, imprisoned or deported as a result of Communist occupation from 1940-1991.

Pirita Harbour was full of boats and paddleboarders. 

The Monastery of St Bridget, which suffered fires and an attack from Ivan the Terrible in the 1500's, still stands as well-preserved ruins. It's the home of an annual classical music concert, among other events. 

If you happen to be out and about around 2am, you may even witness a Tallinn night cycle. Check out the video!