Cartagena is a dynamic port city that was founded in the 16th century on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It boasts a historic old town, with its walled fortress a named World Heritage Site, as well as modern urban development. Additionally, the city is attractive to tourists, with its beaches accessed by Bocachica (little mouth) and Bocagrande (big mouth). 

During the daylight hours, the city has the feel of a local town, but at night it comes alive with a modern and authentic Colombian feel.

It should be noted that Cafe Del Mar provides some of the most breath taking sunsets!

The locals of Cartagena are friendly, but are happy to earn a buck off of the tourists. It seems harmless enough, however, as Colombians understand the benefits of tourism (and a good image!). 

A great thing about this city is that it feels authentic. Visitors get to experience Colombian life - more than just a hotel resort.

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There are many other traditional music styles to be enjoyed in the city, which you can experience during the day whilst relaxing and enjoying a coffee.

Try to embrace the street sellers, otherwise they will drive you crazy!

Evidence of the early Spanish invasion is visible throughout Cartagena - from the architecture, to the churches, to the streets of this great city. There are plenty of museums for those keen to learn about the local history - and the ruthless conquistadors! 

If you've come all this way... you might as well get out of the city for a day and head to the port in Cartagena. You will be taken to the private island of Rosario, which is just amazing.

You can either soak up the sun and chill out enjoying island massages or, if you are feeling more adventurous, enjoy some scuba diving. Whatever you decide on, you will feel like a millionaire for the day.

The staff can't do enough for you, and if you love it that much you can stop for a night or two in the beach huts. The sea is stunning and there is also a swimming pool on the island.

Cartagena is a great city, what a place. Everyone should enjoy the views, the vibe, the history, the nightlife.  

I can't wait go back.