Kyiv boasts the most impressive Metro system you will see anywhere round the world . The system is used by over a million people on a daily basis at covers over fifty two stations. The network opened up in the 1960's and has maintained the architecture and style to this modern day.

Admire the beautiful tapestries and lights of symmetry .

Arsenala Metro Station in Kyiv is the deepest in the world at 105 metres which is the equivalent of 346 feet. It derives the name from a Soviet Arsenal factory. When you first descend down it's a real shock to the system due to the speed, height, and drop, but a unique experience that must be experienced. You will see locals strolling onto it at first but if you are a little nervous just take your time and keep to the right!

The black and white images just gives the network more iconic and retro feel.

Take a trip to Osokorky Metro Station where you will see magnificent artwork designed by a team of international talent (from Ukraine to Brazil). The eight images represent unity and the problems this wonderful country has encountered. Make your way upstairs for a different photographic view, and if you are lucky enough you will be able to capture both trains arriving in unison.