When our driver first mentioned we were actually going to meet Roberto Escobar, we could not believe our luck. The public are divided: on the one hand, locals embrace him for the tourism and income he has brought to Colombia; on the other, he is vilified for the pain he has brought upon them. 

As you can see from the video below, the entrance to the museum is ideal for a gangsters' fortress, with the automatic gates and the telecom password to gain access.

Pablo had contacts all around the world. He was given these jet skis from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, and also collected various other vehicles.

He was good friends with football players, sports and movie stars. 

In the images below, you will see a picture of Rene Higuita, who was famous for his scorpion kick against England.

We met Roberto Escobar, Pablo's brother, who was known as "the Accountant". He is deaf and also blind in one eye from a telephone bomb which exploded in this house.

He was very friendly and made us feel extremely welcome.

All around the house were bullet holes from rivals and the FBI. 

When I say bullet holes...I actually mean bullet holes.

Just like any other business, there was an organisational chart for Pablo's empire. However, the higher up the player in Pablo's ranks, the bigger the price on his head.

This hideout of Pablo's was in a great strategical spot as it was very near to the airport runway.

My favourite part of the tour was the grand finale, please click on the video below to see why.

This day was one of the highlights of my trip to Colombia.