Located in a repurposed industrial complex, Telliskivi Creative City is a true highlight of Tallinn. 

Charged with creative energy, it has become a favourite spot for locals to enjoy art, music, great food and entertainment. There are a plethora of independent businesses housed here, as well as start-ups and NGOs. 

Artists from a dozen different countries have contributed to the art that covers the walls in Telliskivi, making it a go-to venue for street art fans. Tours are available for visitors who want to learn a bit more. 

You'll also find Fotografiska, a fine art photography museum. You can lose a day looking through the incredible imagery there. Check out the gallery at the end of the post for more. 

There are numerous restaurants and eateries to discover in Telliskivi and there is also a weekly market held there. 

Telliskivi hosts a huge amount of events year on year - including the Tallinn Music Festival.