Varna is a port city on the Black Sea. Like all all cities on the sea it has it secrets especially when you mix and background go Greek, Roman and Ottoman heritage.

Worth a couple of days to a week if you are on the Bulgarian trail. Very popular with locals for a summer break but also attracts its fair share of tourists.

Its very safe in the city day and night, but just watch out for the tourist tax on the taxis, don't be afraid to barter as really deep down they really want your business.

On the whole Varna offers ,lovely walking parks shadowed by trees which makes it perfect for Summer ,walking. The Black Sea is a wonderful and therapeutic swimming experience , plenty of good restaurants and some interesting  Historical sites ,

The Old Town which is known as the Greek Quarter is packed at the weekends, the main drag is full of restaurants and shops and beautiful buildings to view.

The Famous Mother of God Cathedral , careful crossing the road to view this monument , I would recommend  taking the subway.

Love the abandoned  McDonald's  which sits in the middle of the city now occupied by an English School

The Sea Garden in Varna is very impressive and runs adjacent to the sea hence its name. You can walk for hours admiring landscape, monuments, views of the sea , restaurants , ice cream parlours and even Zoo which is not very impressive.

Take a stroll on the edge and experience the Black Sea

If you are lucky you will come across some wonderful  wildlife.

This how the locals do it .

Varna attracts all travellers

Finding the Bulgarian Soviet friendship monument, is an adventure in finding itself . For some reason certain relics are not compatible with Google Maps

Mooching down side streets always  find unusual sightings.

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