Welcome to the land of Fire & Ice!

On this trip, my travel companion was, awesomely, my 80 year-old father. We didn't experience all of the wild side of Iceland, however as you'll learn reading on in this post, we had a pretty incredible time. 

Gullfoss Waterfall

Seeing this waterfall in person was simply unbelievable. Here is a short video - the length of time I was able to record was impacted by my finger freezing to the camera!

I created Follow the Bubble to share my own experiences as well as photos and videos shot by me. However, I wanted to show you how unbelievably different Iceland looks in the summer, so my good friend Luke Priestley has kindly let me post some of his photos here:

Experiencing the Geysers the anticipation of them erupting is just mesmerising. It is dark and desolate and water just shoots out of the Earth. Being in such a unique place feels like being on the set of a Lord of the Rings shoot. 

To finish off Wild Iceland, we went in a search of whales and dolphins. Just like any trip, catching these animals in their natural habitat is like going on a wild goose chase. However, the backdrop leaving Reykjavik was jaw dropping.