Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and the Vikings, is a truly great city.

Iceland as a country is known to be the land of fire and ice, with stunning lagoons, waterfalls, and abundant natural beauty.

Reykjavik is a clean, modern city that feels really safe. It is bursting with Icelandic culture where cool vibes meet age-old traditions.

Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland's largest church, is a major landmark in central Reykjavik. It was designed to represent the Icelandic landscape, and is as impressive in daylight as it is by night.

Reykjavik is notorious for its plethora of live music venues and a night out is this city is certainly an experience. There are little pubs, bars and holes in the walls dotted all around the city. I was lucky to be taken out by some locals who showed me some very cool hidden spots. 

A word of warning: don't look at how much you've spent! Reykjavik is ridiculously expensive. I recommend sticking to beer, vodka and cocktails. As you can imagine, there are no vineyards in the snow, so wine is at a premium due to import tax!

The one thing I could not get my head around was the set up of the toilet! Good job I did not need a number 2, and I kept my drinking within reason!

If you can ignore the odd facilities, Reykjavik a really great night out. There is an extra something about a night out in such cold and snowy environment which is warmed up by friendly locals, vibrant colours, and cosy bars.

Moving on...!

Eating out in Reykjavik is wonderful. Tourists and locals are spoilt for choice with everything from 5-star restaurants, international cuisine, take away food, and unusual coffee shops.

As you can imagine the seafood here is amazing.

Let me tell you: the top restaurants are unbelievable when it comes to service, quality and atmosphere. I would go so far as saying they are some of the best restaurants I have ever visited.

Just don't forget your credit card!