Tallinn Old Town is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic buildings are beautiful and the stone streets transport you to a different time. 

Some of the Old Town (locally known as Vanalinn) was destroyed during WWII, but much of it still stands and a visit here is quite a special experience. 

A medieval defensive wall surrounds the Old Town, known as the Walls of Tallinn. There are gates and towers scattered all over this part of the city. 

The Three Monks statues are found in the King of Denmark Garden. They are known as the Waiting Monk, the Praying Monk and the Observing Monk. 

A variety of incredible buildings are housed in the Old Town from monasteries to churches to manors. 

There is generally a nice, relaxed atmosphere around the Old Town - you'll find buskers playing music on the streets and people out dancing.

Aside from being a stunning medieval stroll nestled away from main areas of traffic, St Catherine's Passage is home to a craft guild where traditional crafts are practiced by local artists - glass-blowing, weaving and pottery-making are all done here and studios are open to the public. 

There is an amazing restaurant to be discovered in St Catherine's Passage called Contravento. It is the oldest Italian restaurant in Tallinn and has a real olde-worlde feel. And the food is incredible.