Welcome to the sporting world of Kyiv. Why 'sporting'? 
Upon arrival at the airport, you are greeted by a banner portraying the current Mayor and former boxer Vitali Klitschko.

Then, take the metro, east out of the city, cross the river and head to Kachalka where you will find an outdoor gym made out of scrap metal. Not your usual visit to Fitness First !!!

As you are training you will be able to gaze your eyes on the beautiful river of the Dnipro , where you can also hire a canoe and be at one with yourself or in a group . The river banks in summer are packed with people as it becomes a beach destination.

Visit the national stadium which is in the heart of the city where the National team play as well as big European nights for the local teams. This stadium hosted the 2018 Champions League between Real Madrid and Liverpool which was decided by a glorious goal by Gareth Bale.

I was lucky enough to experience a World Cup match between Ukraine and France. From the photo below you can just make out some football greats, such as Pogba, Greizman , Yarmelenko and Zinchenko.

As Kick - off looms the atmosphere for the game real warms up.  It's literally a wallpaper of blue and yellow, representing the colours of the Ukranian  Flag.

Please be upstanding for the National Anthem of Ukraine.

Within the staduim there is a little museum dedicated to the Klitshcko Brothers .!!!!

This is a really interesting insight into the brothers - where you can see all their achievements and memorabilia in one sighting. A must for all boxing fans.

Alternative sports are very popular here including skateboarding , roller blading and street biking.