Kyiv is a vibrant city offering great entertainment, from restaurants, cool and hidden bars, and cuisine from all around the world. The city is obsessed with coffee which can be purchased almost anywhere. Below find four of the most unusual places to purchase coffee and tea. The London bus is cool as the upstairs is converted into a sit-down coffee shop. What else!!

When I say you can buy coffee 'anywhere', l mean any venue that can squeeze a machine in will offer you fresh coffee!!

Cuba Coffee is a cool spot  and offers some of the best blends in the city.

When it comes to dining out, Kyiv caters to every cuisine in the world, and sampling traditional local food is also a must. We all know eating 'fat' is bad for you - but it does taste damn good.

Kyiv Food Market is a trendy place offering food from all around the world. This place has a great vibe and you can purchase anything from a cake to oysters and a steak. All really excellent food!

Even though Chicken Kyiv is not from the city (was it invented in Paris, Moscow or an English supermarket?), it is still worth trying their version of it. I can promise it's much better than anything out of the UK supermarkets!

In the summer take a taxi to the edge of the city to Queens spa, this is a beach club within twenty minutes of the city, where you can relax in the wave pool, have treatments, and embrace the day's sun. The food is of top quality here and I sampled an Eastern European delicacy of Borscht, which presents a beetroot soup here inside a bread roll. Even if it may not be to your taste (if not, why not?!), you have to admire the creation.

When it comes to bars there is a plethora of them in the city, with a wide range of themes; my favorites are the hidden gems which are old bunkers converted into cocktail bars.

The barman will keep you entertained with cocktails depending on your poison!!!!!

Cools bars to look out for are Bar Dictat, Loggerhead Bar and the Paravoz speakeasy Bar.

My favourite bar has to be Alchemist bar - my apologies for the language, as I had had a few sherbets by then. I should point out you will not get in this bar unless you are here before the doorman start work or unless you are accompanied by a local.

Cherry Bars can be found all around Ukraine. I have to be honest it's not my bag but you must at least sample it once. Very popular for early evening drinks. 

I could go on for hours about the variety of bars and restaurants in this city. Pink Freud is a cool bar to check out - and look out for little courtyards which turn into a new world of lights, music and drinking. 

When the bars are over and you still want to carry on partying, there are cabaret clubs for dancing and sampling the unusual.

My favourite place is the Caribbean Club which is great for live acts and party dancing 

Brief view of the live acts 

Queen's nightclub is one of the craziest venues I have experienced - I will let the photos and videos describe this venue!

And now watch it live, in fairness, it was a great atmosphere but mainly for Kyiv's hip crowd which starts quite normal and then....

....suddenly the floor explodes into the craziness.