Visiting the worlds' largest nuclear disaster zone is an exceptional experience, whether you are into the tv series, dark tourism or to satisfy your own curiosity. 

There are various packages to this site legally and illegally. I went with the official tour company and it was informative, fun and very well organized. If you are looking for the true adrenaline rush and wish to go illegally bear in mind it's a three-day trip, and the police are not going to put you in the Hilton if they catch you. These adventurers are known as STALKERS.

Upon entrance to the zone you really do feel the aura of going to the restricted area where security is high but mainly for your safety

Upon entering the zone you will find the area well themed in order to get you in an exploratory mood, you may purchase everything from a boiler suit and a gas mask to chewing gum and a t-shirt. You may hire a Gieger meter for the day for those who want to record themselves, but don't worry you have more chance of getting radiation on a plane than you have here. There are various checks around the tour to maintain your safety. Don't lose or damage your meter, as I am not sure your holiday insurance will cover it!!!

On this tour, you stop at Dugar Radar which is an early warning radar system used by the Soviet Union in the middle of the forest.This radar was still operational up to 1989.

Obviously, this was once a huge part of the Soviet Union Communication system, but today it is seen as iconic and unusual building.

Moving on to the power plant itself, unfortunatley photographs are limited due to security.

When the disaster actually started the emergency team built a temporary sarcophagus (a massive steel and concrete structure covering the nuclear reactor number 4 building of the power plant).

We take this act of heroism for granted as we would be living in a very different world without the many brave quick-thinking people who lost their lives to save many.


The most famous town in the town in the zone, which unfortunately now is just a derelict relic. From a selfish point of view this part of the tour where you will find it most interesting purely as you discover the severe damage this town received. Always respect what these poor people went through.

Walking round a derelict town which has suffered from a disaster is intriguing but upsetting at the same time.

This really is a strange experience. What you must understand is when people were evacuated they thought they would return to their homes in a couple of weeks.

I can't imagine the pain they went through as they were never allowed to return to their homes, neighbourhoods or livelihoods.

The most famous part of the town from the television and the photographs is the fun fair.

Just for the record there no people walking round with two heads or animals with ten legs, and definatley no zombies even though the fair ground does have a film shoot feel about it.