Given the events of the recent Russian invasion, this trip in 2021 has deepened my many memories of the people and places I met and visited in Ukraine.
I hope that peace and freedom return and remain as I documented them here.

Being able to experience this anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union, was a truly joyful and emotional experience, with rumours of over 60 million hryvnia spent on the celebrations.

The streets were packed with people flying the colours of Ukraine, embracing their special day. Regiments from current and old divisions proudly marched through the streets with pride and honour.

The sky was continuously full of jets and helicopters flying over the city to join in with the party. Hard to believe how things have changed.

Watching Andrea Bocelli live from my hotel balcony was unbelievable, and I was lucky enough to capture Puccini's Nessun Dorma, as sung by Pavarotti at the Italy Word Cup in 1990.

Bare with watching the video, as it improves as the song develops.