Let's not forget the Artistic and creative side of this city. We have focused on history and beauty but this city has a real flair for art.

I would like to start by showing you the Murals of Kyiv, where there are over 160 over the city and are sponsored by different art groups.

The Ukrainian Banksy!

The first picture mural is from the following artist by Seth Globepainter and Ukrainian artist Kislow.

Below: Girl with the sunflowers, Mural in Kiev Author – Mata Ruda (Costa Rica) Address: 1/2 Taras Shevchenko pereylok.

Less than a minute’s walk from the Chernobyl Museum you’ll find this mural by Brazilian artist, Nunca. The concept of the work was to blend Brazilian and Ukrainian cultures in a single character.
Location: 6a Spasskaya Street

Like all cities these days graffiti is embraced and controled in areas to give it more of an artistic feel rather than vandalism.

Start at the the top of Dnipro, and walk into the city admiring the views and the stretched wall of art work from different local artists .

Even the pigeons admire the street art!

Around the city, there are various images of Ukraine celebrating freedom from the Soviet Union/Russia .. no surprise!

There are many art galleries in Kyiv but none as abstract as Pinchuk Art Centre.

Even the cafes have their own art work on display - internally and externally 

My favourite quirky side of Kyiv is seen in the 56 public pianos available to use. I think it gives the city music and authenticity.

The Underground Piano Player.

Communication Art

Just to finish off - some random art from around the city. Enjoy!