Kyiv is also known as the Green City and boasts over 127 parks within its region.

The parks offer normal recreational activities - but in this city within the park grounds, is a palace, stadium, bridges, nightclub, outdoor concert venue, coffee shops, and amazing views of the Dinopra as well as interesting art.

The Arch of Freedom is a very impressive structure, which has a symbol of meaning that is very poigniant today - but out of respect, I do not wish to discuss it.

In the summer its great place just to relax and watch the sun go down.

You could spend hours just watching the tranquility of the Dnipro

If you are lucky enough, or arrive early enough, you can have the bridge to yourself.

Kyiv Funicular is a cable car that splits the main park vertically; it's a nice experience if you have maxed out your steps for the day.

The true hill is called Volodymyrska Hill and it connects the upper town to the district of Podil and more of the usual great views of the river.

Head towards Andriyivskyy Descent through the park and you will come across an unusual mile-long street of art dealers selling modern and classic art of Ukraine as well as some from further afield.

Which then leads to you to the beautiful  St Andrews's Church.

Visit the Unique Statue of the Peeing Colours of Kyiv.Simply a colourful sculpture of four boys who could not hold it.

Spend hours on a summer day strolling the park roads , suited to all ages and generations.

Chess is a huge pastime for the locals and often you will see games going on in the park, the locals will try and call you over for a game.

I promise you you will not win.

As well as all the exciting things that are available in the Parks of Kyiv lets not forget the recreational and relaxing side to it.